At Fraser Communications, we use Emotional Insight research and analytics to drive strong business results and ROI for our clients. We identify and tap into the psychology and motivations of our clients’ customers and best prospects. This is fundamental to our research-based, results-oriented culture of accountability. While we have experience in many different categories, we have particularly deep knowledge of the key business issues, trends, customers and prospects in:

Metropolitan Water District

During the severe drought of 2009/2010 in Southern California, it was critically important to convince people throughout the state that we had a water shortage problem and to use less water.
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To generate trial subscriptions for a new, expensive equity research tool during a period of economic and stock market volatility for many investors.
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First 5 California

Generate more awareness and understanding among mothers about how they can provide better nutrition for their youngest children and also help them avoid obesity and the directly linked health issues.
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Saint John’s Health Center

Saint John’s Health Center is a premier hospital in Los Angeles competing against two of the strongest academic hospitals in California. How does the Health Center attract patients with these two strong and heavily marketed competitors in its backyard?
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